A major English police force was investigating Child Abuse amongst a group of families who appeared to be sharing victims and content. There were clear links between a number of families, but the extent of the network was hard to determine. The presence of first generation child sexual abuse material is difficult to detect but, once found, having the ability to rapidly make that discovery actionable is critical to the safeguarding of victims.

Investigators using Cyacomb Filter Builder were able to easily create a supplementary Contraband Filter specific to this investigation and used this with Cyacomb Examiner. Within minutes of the discovery of first generation material, those images and videos were being used to investigate the digital devices of all individuals that were connected to suspects, but where it was not clear if they were part of the network of offending.

Fast Forensic Triage scanning using Cyacomb Forensics technology helped to locate additional devices containing CSAM material and identify several additional suspects, as a result of which police were able to safeguard children days or even weeks sooner than if traditional digital forensic techniques had been applied.

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