Our Story

Cyacomb was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Ian Stevenson and former police forensics analyst Bruce Ramsay. Born out of a research project at Edinburgh Napier university, their vision was to create a new technology to make the online world a safer place.

Today, along with a growing team of technical and other experts, we continue to develop ground breaking technology that pinpoints harmful content, at source. This helps law enforcement, social media and cloud companies quickly and thoroughly find, block and remove illegal images and videos, ensuring incriminating evidence has nowhere to hide.

We pride ourselves on being a values-based business and these values run through everything we do. We’re rigorous in our attention to detail and fastidious about the quality of our output. We thrive on challenge, seeing obstacles as opportunities. Finally, we believe in the power of collaboration, within the business and beyond. 

We work with the world’s most prestigious law enforcement agencies to eradicate harmful content and bring perpetrators to justice. We’re also collaborating at the highest levels with the UK Government and international like minded organisations towards a future where the best data and tools are made available wherever and whenever they’re needed.

In 2020 we became a founding partner of the Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA), the UK’s first industry body bringing together industry experts, aligned companies and advisory bodies to tackle the serious issue of online safety. Chaired by our CEO Ian Stevenson, OSTIA delivers a voice of hope, collective influence and efficient networks.

Our Values

Our core values run through everything we do.


Rooted in scientific method and with technology developed in line with proven theory, we never compromise thoroughness at the expense of the efficacy or reliability of our products.

We always use best practice, pride ourselves on the quality of our work and never cut corners in the name of expediency.



We believe that open and curious minds drive innovation, so will always challenge accepted wisdom and entrenched opinion when they present a barrier to new ideas, breaking new ground or getting things done.

We will have the courage to offer challenge and the humility to accept it from others whilst always being respectful and keeping an open mind when considering all points of view.



We cannot achieve our vision by working in isolation; only by collaborating with our customers and partners to further develop our technologies and extend Cyacomb’s wider reach, will we be able to make a difference in the world.

We will work together and remain focused on our vision, share ownership of problems, be accountable for our actions and celebrate achievements together as a team.


Working for Good

We create technology to make the world a safer place and will never make it available to those who seek to use it to cause harm. We wish to leave the world a better place than we found it, and for everyone who comes into contact with us to be better off for doing so.

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