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The technology Cyacomb Forensics develops for our customers and partners shares a common goal: to make the world a safer place.  We appreciate your feedback and contribution to our endless aim to improve Cyacomb Forensics tools. And as a result of our collaboration, we are excited to share our Cyacomb Examiner 2.6 product release, now with Filename Scan!  

If you work in Digital Forensics Triage, you know how challenging it can be to quickly establish which devices are relevant to your investigation and which can be left behind, especially with an increasing number of digital devices per household. Fast triage is necessary not only to make sure you seize as many devices containing illegal material as possible, but also to be able to exclude devices that create unnecessary backlogs in labs. Which, in turn, causes delays for all investigations down the line.

With a well-developed set of keywords, the decision to seize will now be clearer in even more situations”   

The fastest way to identify known illegal content on a suspect device is by using our contraband scan.  However, in situations where no illegal content you were looking for was flagged by our contraband scan, you might still have reason to believe there is illegal content to be found.  

Our newly included Filename Scan feature can aid you in your search by scanning the names of every file on a suspect device for a list of keywords which are indicative of illegal content as defined by you.   

How Filename Scan will improve your unit's performance

Cyacomb Forensics aims to make your lives easier

Keeping our “simple-to-use” philosophy at the core of Cyacomb Forensics products, we focus on only high-demand feature development. We remain strict, prioritising what we do next to ensure we deliver fast, thorough, and simple-to-use digital forensic tools. 

As this is our first iteration with the Filename Scan feature, we want to hear from you. Please complete the feedback form and help us improve our tools.
Let's work together to make the world a safer place to live. 
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