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Cyacomb’s mission is to make the online world a safer place by using data and technology to find and block harmful content.

Online safety is a focal point of huge potential with the fast-growing digital tech sector. Society is demanding improved online safety so governments, law enforcement and tech companies are rallying to find the answer.

Cyacomb is at the very heart of the industry, redefining what’s possible and shaping the future of online safety, offering significant investment opportunities.

We have strong working relationships and partnerships with governments and law enforcement in the UK, USA and Canada.

A driven team of experts with moral purpose

Entrepreneur Ian Stevenson and former police forensics analyst Bruce Ramsay, founded Cyacomb in 2016, following a PhD research project at Edinburgh Napier university. Their vision - to create a new technology making the online world a safer place. 

Today, our growing team of experts from across the tech industry, law enforcement and business, strive for the same vision. We develop ground-breaking technology to find, block and actively reduce harmful content and illegal activity, with a focus on the problems of online child sexual abuse and terrorism.  

Team Bios

Products delivering transformational results 

Cyacomb Forensics products help law enforcement around the globe find digital evidence of paedophile or terrorist activity, from the moment they fulfil a search warrant to managing offenders in the community.  

Our products are fast, thorough, simple and proven. Our user base is rapidly expanding in the UK, Europe and North America, where we’re helping some of the world’s most prestigious law enforcement agencies find evidence fast, take offenders off the street, safeguard children from abuse, and protect the public from terrorist attacks. 

Cyacomb Safety helps cloud platforms and social media companies find and block harmful content at source and at scale, preventing it from spreading online. It even works in end-to-end encrypted environments while preserving user privacy, the first product demonstrated to do so.  

Our Contraband Filter™ converts data about harmful content into a secure format. Using this secure-by-design approach means we can use the best possible intelligence whenever and wherever it’s needed without sharing sensitive personal information – sharing the capability, not the data. This can radically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of moderation, eliminating duplicated effort across governments, tech companies and law enforcement agencies. 

The right solutions at the right time 

The increasing volume of digital evidence is overwhelming law enforcement, delaying justice and endangering the public. With backlogs in labs stretching over a year, change is necessary, and Cyacomb is an enabler and catalyst for that change. 

It’s a watershed moment for online safety as regulators act to protect life, safety and security online. Legislators are acting in the UK, Europe, Australia and California, introducing new requirements on platforms to remove and block illegal and egregiously harmful content. Cyacomb is poised with solutions to some of the hardest and most pressing problems in what will rapidly become a ‘regtech’ market. 

Tech for good 

Our work goes beyond just providing technological solutions. We’re driving and affecting positive change in the tech industry and beyond. 

We proudly align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Peace, justice and strong institutions

Peace, justice and strong institutions = Promote peaceful and inclusive societies, justice for all, focusing on ending violence against children. 

We create technology to make the world a safer place and will never make it available to those who seek to use it to cause harm. 

Tech For Good Polciy


Cyacomb has investment opportunities for 2022. Contact us to express your interest or request more information. 

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