Harnessing the power of data and technology for good

Our cutting-edge tools rigorously scan digital content at scale, finding and flagging harmful content while protecting database security and user privacy.

Cyacomb Forensics

Finding evidence faster to protect more people

Our unique tools enable law enforcement to scan devices for known child abuse or terrorist content up to 100x faster than traditional methods.

Cyacomb Safety

Helping to create an online environment that is safe for all

Game-changing detection and filtering technology that combats online child sexual abuse and terrorist content in end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms, on social media and in cloud platforms, whilst maintaining user privacy.

About Us

We will not rest until we make this world a safer and more secure place to live.

  • Why we exist and how we plan to make a difference

    Born out of a vision to create a new technology to make the online world a safer place.

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  • Who we are

    Cyacomb is a growing team of technical and other experts, that each share a core mission and a set of values.

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  • Play a part in changing the online landscape

    If a career for a people centric company, where you make a difference and leave this world a better place than before is for you, then find out more about how you could join us.

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"There are many tools available to assist law enforcement, and an example of a new, innovative approach comes from Cyacomb Forensics, a U.K. based technology company and NCMEC partner"


"Cyacomb Forensics gives results in less than three minutes where our current approach takes five hours"


“Cyacomb has demonstrated that the detection and blocking of known child sexual abuse material in E2EE environments is no longer an engineering problem.”

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

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