Law Enforcement

The ever-changing landscape of the online world means that traditional digital forensics methods are being left behind, adding pressure on already strained law enforcement services, leaving victims at greater risk and giving offenders greater opportunities.  

Cyacomb’s origins are based in law enforcement and many of us are ex law enforcement personnel. We fully appreciate the frustrations of limited time, resources and expertise, so we design and build tools to help. 

“I spent ten years with law enforcement and one of the biggest issues we had was backlogs. The amount of work coming in was always more than we could handle.” - Bruce Ramsay, CTO Cyacomb 


  • Fast Finds child sexual abuse content (CSAM) 100 times faster than traditional methods. 
  • Simple Intuitive technology doesn’t require extra digital training. 
  • Thorough Deploys patented Contraband Filter™ technology for safe and effective detection. 


  • Frontline operatives are better equipped to make decisions faster. 
  • Children and victims are protected sooner. 
  • Forensics labs can reduce backlogs. 
  • Securely share data between forces and agencies.  
  • Forces can prosecute offenders more swiftly. 

Proven and global operation 

Already active in the field, our technology is allowing officers to arrest child abusers, safeguard children, manage offenders and tackle counter-terrorism across county and country borders. Our tools are being used across the UK, USA and Canada. 

"The encryption alert from Cyacomb was critical and helped save the case"   

A Southern Californian trialist

“The Metropolitan Police in London scanned a 2 Tb EO1 Image file. It took under 5 SECONDS to identify the first piece of chargeable Child Sexual Abuse Material.” 

“Cyacomb Forensics' software is user-friendly by design and has become an essential part of my forensic examinations of mobile and computer related devices.”

Digital Forensics Unit Supervisor, USA

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