The online world can be a wondrous place, providing access to a wealth of information and resources from across the globe. But the opposite is also true, there are some dark corners, malevolent users and abhorrent content.

With billions of internet users worldwide and many billions of devices connected to it, the scale is overwhelming. Global networks are operating 24/7 and an enormous volume of content is being uploaded every minute. 

Current systems and processes to protect users are overloaded and simply not working; 75% of internet users experience harmful content in any given month and one in five girls experience some form of sexual abuse by age 18. 

At Cyacomb, we’re committed to finding, blocking and removing harmful content, by harnessing the positive power of data and technology. 

Proven and effective 

Our industry-leading software is empowering law enforcement to prosecute offenders, allowing government to tackle child protection and update online safety policy, and helping tech companies to find, monitor and block harmful content. 

“Cyacomb’s solution is capable of effectively detecting and blocking the transmission of known child sexual abuse imagery, preventing known content from entering the E2EE messaging applications.”

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

“This game-changing tech will be vital in the fight against online child abusers” 

UK Home Secretary

“Cyacomb’s technology can cut the time needed to point investigators in the right direction to more directly safeguard children.”

John F. Clark, president and CEO of (USA) National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

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