The Feature That Makes Cyacomb Forensics A Must-Have Mobile Forensics Tool

Vital evolution of our game-changing rapid triage tools in a world where an astounding 95% of people access the internet through their mobile phones

Mobile Device Triage, available as a feature of Cyacomb Examiner Plus, scans Android and iOS mobile devices for known illegal content in a matter of seconds.  

Rapidly scan mobile devices for known illegal content, finding illicit materials up to 100 times faster than traditional file hash technology. In seconds, our mobile forensics tool will alert the user to any illicit materials or likelihood of illicit materials making Cyacomb Examiner Plus one of the best mobile forensics tools for on-scene investigators and law enforcement. With our simple-to-use interface, traffic light results that can be reviewed on the screen, your time to first evidence while on-scene can be reduced from hours to minutes.  

Investigators who want detailed results in 3 steps in a matter of seconds, sign up for a free 21-Day Trial or request a short demo from our Sales Team.

Benefits include:

  • Contraband Filter scans of all files typically visible from an unlocked device connected to a PC  
  • Top iOS and Android phone forensic tool, thanks to out Contraband Filter scanning technology
  • Simultaneous forensic analysis scans on multiple devices (mobile devices and hard drives)  


  • The same super simple-to-use, intuitive user interface 
  • Accurate results in seconds to support your decision to seize   
  • Previews and report creation, with optional evidential thumbnails  
  • Up to 100x faster scans 

Cyacomb Contraband Scan is also available on DATAPILOT 10 devices. Purpose built handheld computers that are rugged and portable, the combined tools help law enforcement officers to make informed decisions on scene. 

To find out more about the benefits you’ll get, please contact us or reach out to our Sales Team -


  • Data slice capability, enabling collection of contacts, calls, messages, images, files and app data
  • Mirror evidence directly from the target device in real time


  • Create evidence with built-in cameras
  • Optical character recognition search

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