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Sharing of illegal and harmful content is increasing. We all have a social responsibility to find a solution to this problem, and stopping harmful content at source is the first-line of defence. Increasingly, this social responsibility is also becoming a regulatory obligation, as new legislation around the world seeks to drive change. 

Tackling and reducing online harm with effective and scalable solutions demands the capabilities derived from using the best available intelligence. A practice which, until now, has been technically restricted, in part by data regulation. Our Contraband Filter™ converts data about harmful content into a secure format which meets ‘effective anonymisation’ standards. 

Using this secure-by-design approach means we can enable the best possible intelligence whenever and wherever it’s needed without sharing sensitive personal information – sharing the capability, not the data. 

Technically enabling data and intelligence collaboration will radically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of moderation, eliminating duplicated effort, costs and reducing the impact on human moderators. 

It even works in environments with the highest expectations of privacy and security, including end-to-end encrypted messaging. 


“Cyacomb have demonstrated that the detection and blocking of known child sexual abuse material in E2EE environments is no longer an engineering problem.” - The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) 

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