Cyacomb is working closely with government agencies in the UK and overseas to help them fulfil online safety policy objectives and make the internet safer. We’re helping to prevent the spread of harmful content, supporting law enforcement reduce online crime and aiding development of online safety regulation. 

Reducing crime and equipping law enforcement 

Cyacomb equips law enforcement with fast, simple, thorough and proven technology to help reduce backlogs, save time, increase arrest rates and protect victims. 

Law enforcement agencies are using our range of products internationally, with transformational results. Our intuitive technology works 100 times faster than traditional methods and doesn’t need any further training or staffing resource. Police are finding evidence quicker, making arrests sooner and prosecuting more swiftly.

“Cyacomb gives results in less than three minutes where our current approach takes five hours.” - National Crime Agency

Leading the charge against online harms 

Our game-changing technology can realise aspirations and help you stay at the forefront of reducing and eliminating online harm.

As digital technologies develop, including end-to-end encryption (E2EE) platforms, so does the challenge of protecting users while following regulatory and legal standards. Cyacomb Safety stops known harmful and illegal content (including online child sexual abuse material (CSAM)) being uploaded and shared without compromising user privacy, and even works in end-to-end encrypted environments.

“Cyacomb’s solution is capable of effectively detecting and blocking the transmission of known child sexual abuse imagery, preventing known content from entering the E2EE messaging applications.” - Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)  
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Capitalising on data assets 

Governments hold vast amounts of validated data on online harms, which has the potential to dramatically improve online safety.

Tackling and reducing online harm with effective and scalable solutions demands the capabilities derived from using the best available intelligence. Intelligence on online harms that you have. Until now, capitalising on this has been technically restricted, in part by data regulation.

We are enabling data and intelligence collaboration that wasn’t feasible previously.

Our Contraband Filter™ converts data about harmful content into a secure format. Using this secure-by-design approach means we can use the best possible intelligence whenever and wherever it’s needed without sharing sensitive personal information – sharing the capability, not the data. This can radically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of moderation, eliminating duplicated effort across governments, tech companies and law enforcement agencies. 

“Cyacomb’s technology can cut the time needed to point investigators in the right direction to more directly safeguard children.”

John F. Clark, president and CEO of (USA) National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

"Cyacomb Forensics gives results in less than three minutes where our current approach takes five hours"


“This game-changing tech will be vital in the fight against online child abusers” 

UK Home Secretary

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