Cyacomb Safety prevents the sharing of known online child sexual abuse content on end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms without compromising user privacy. 

As global concern grows about online safety, Cyacomb Safety offers a first line of defence against known harmful and illegal content, protecting users without compromising their privacy. 

Already proven with law enforcement teams across the globe, our technology allows social networks and platforms to check uploaded user content instantly against contraband material (a blocklist) with practically no overhead. And thanks to its ‘privacy by design’ approach, it is even compatible with end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms. 





Cyacomb Safety finds and anonymously matches shared user content against known child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in real-time. 

As a user attempts to upload and share a file, our Contraband Filter™ technology scans it, checking the file against content from an independently accredited blocklist database. If it finds contraband content, the user’s file will not be sent.   

Crucially, all content leaving the user device is anonymised, providing privacy-ensured matching between an individual’s device and the Contraband Filter™. The result isn’t known to the server, so no external party can identify when a match has taken place.  

Where local legislation requires, the software can generate a secure report for the relevant authority. 

How it works


User attempts to upload content into an encrypted platform


Our patented Contraband Filter™ technology instantly and anonymously scans the content


The upload fails if content matches known CSAM databases

Our patented technology also enables secure data sharing, allowing governments, law enforcement and social networks platforms to share the burden of moderation and together combat the prevalence of online harm.


  • Blocks sharing of known illegal CSAM content
  • Instantly scans as user attempts to upload
  • Contraband Filter™ scans against known CSAM databases
  • Secure by design
  • Privacy Assured Matching™ between any device and the database
  • Secure, private reporting capability if required.


  • Instantaneous
  • Anonymous
  • Maintains privacy
  • Proven technology
  • Effective and reliable.


  • Cyacomb Safety Leaflet US
  • Cyacomb Safety Leaflet UK
  • Cyacomb Safety Whitepaper

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