Through partnerships that bring technology, knowledge, and data together, we make a difference and safeguard more children

Contraband Filter Hub is the world’s first ecosystem that allows our authorised customers and partners to access Contraband Filters, secure-by-design data sharing capability. Those fighting against Child Sexual Abuse Material need the best possible tools and data. Contraband Filter technology allows users identify CSAM while keeping the original data secure – sharing capability without having to share data.

More perpetrators are being brought to justice as law enforcement agencies worldwide can now identify illegal material on suspect devices faster and more simply than ever before.


The first 125 Law Enforcement Agencies have now downloaded and shared Contraband Filters from the Cyacomb Contraband Filter Hub 

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To create Contraband Filters, Cyacomb partnered with reputable organisations that hold national-level databases of harmful content. Additionally, individual Law Enforcement Agencies around the globe are creating them, using the Cyacomb Collector tool. This allows users to build and update Contraband Filters with existing and newly acquired data, including previously unknown harmful images and videos.  

These Contraband Filters contain a new and unique type of "digital fingerprint" designed to be completely secure. Extracted from child sexual abuse and terrorist material, they ensure the original files cannot be sourced or acquired. Not even when in the possession of the Contraband Filter. Cyacomb Forensics tools scan against these specially developed and inherently secure Contraband Filters, reducing time to first evidence from hours to seconds.


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“In our relentless pursuit of a world where no harmful digital content can be hidden or shared, the ground-breaking technology and collaboration are vital. In a year when more child sexual abuse material was discovered online than ever before, the largest secure-by-design Contraband Filters of CSAM became available globally. This innovation is already empowering law enforcement agencies worldwide to quickly identify illegal files on suspect devices in a matter of seconds. Through such unique partnerships we hope that we can make a difference and safeguard more children by bringing technology, knowledge, and data together.”

Ian Stevenson, Cyacomb CEO 

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The sharing of resources worldwide is imperative. Let’s continue to work together to combat the spreading of CSAM material and keep children from harm. 
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