Discover our digital forensic tools

Cyacomb Forensics’ tools allow law enforcement to find evidence of child abuse or terrorist activity on suspect’s devices up to 100 x quicker than traditional methods.

Our tools offer rapid digital triage at every stage of the process, from suspect examination to offender management.

Fast, Simple and Thorough

Cyacomb Forensics offer a unique combination of tools for law enforcement that are fast, thorough and simple. 

Trusted by UK and USA law enforcement officers, our tools are proven to deliver results.

Cyacomb is both
fast and thorough

Delays in investigations have devastating consequences. Investigators are searching an ever-increasing number of devices from suspects homes and data storage capacities are expanding. Traditional tools using hash lists are slow, and while some tools offer fast modes they do so by taking risky shortcuts. Cyacomb Forensics tools are built on scientific principles and are both fast and thorough.  There are no dangerous shortcuts, and they are even capable of finding evidence of partial or deleted files which traditional tools miss.


Benefits of using Cyacomb Forensics tools

- Digitally enables frontline policing

- Empowers law enforcement to make quick decisions

- Rules out devices not relevant to the investigation

- Significantly reduces risk

- Quickly clears devices and case backlogs

Cyacomb Forensics digital triage tools are simple to use on-scene and deliver results in minutes.

Rooted in scientific method

Developed from university research, our tools use our unique, highly secure block level hashing Contraband Filter™ technology to quickly scan suspect devices for known harmful and illegal files.


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