Inherently Safe and Secure

Cyacomb’s patented Contraband Filters™ are at the heart of our safety technology. All Cyacomb’s ground-breaking Cyacomb Forensics and Cyacomb Safety tools use our unique Contraband Filter™ technology to find harmful material faster, and help match and block known contraband.

Born from University research, our Contraband Filter™ technology developed from a multi-year PhD project at Edinburgh Napier University and was driven by a former police digital crime expert

Individual Contraband Filters™ are created from independently accredited databases of illegal content, including government or national level datasets. Our Contraband Filters™ are developed from a special type of ‘digital fingerprint’ extracted from child sexual abuse images and videos, and terrorism content, our tools then scan against them.

Contraband Filters™ are inherently secure and the ‘digital fingerprint’ content used to create them can never be extracted. Information goes in, but only decisions about what content is a match can ever come out. This secure-by-design approach enables data sharing. Meaning that those who need it – such as law enforcement or social media companies – have access to the best possible intelligence whenever and wherever it’s needed. All without the sharing of sensitive or personal information. In effect, our Contraband Filters share the capability, not the data.

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