Each month, Cyacomb rounds-up interesting news items from the world of digital forensics, online harms and counter terror that you might have missed. In the news this past month:

In early June, the Tech Coalition launched the Trust: Voluntary Framework for Industry Transparency at the WeProtect Global Alliance Summit in Brussels. It’s designed to help big tech companies be more transparent in reporting their efforts to combat online child exploitation and abuse, and drive measures to combat it. Developed by the industry following a consultation process with civil society and governments, the Trust Framework will provide guidance to tech companies who want to build trust and demonstrate accountability.

The European Commission also recently unveiled new proposed legislation that would require the tech industry to detect known and unknown images and videos of children suffering sexual abuse. The proposals have the potential to make a strong stand against harmful and criminal content, and demonstrate increased protection for victims of abuse online. Dan Sexton, chief technical officer at IWF, discusses the proposal and its huge potential to protect children.

In June, the Safety Tech Network released a new episode in their podcast series focusing on the power of design and how safety by design is an emerging idea that can prevent users from experiencing risk and harm. The podcast includes people familiar with the concept and its potential for combatting harms, such as child abuse without compromising people’s privacy.

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