Collectively, we must keep children safe online

The availability of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online directly drives abuse of children, and the problem of online child abuse and harmful content has been growing in recent years. Online safety is a political hot topic with law enforcement, governments, and tech companies grappling to find appropriate, effective, and scalable solutions.

Immediate and short-term trauma for victims of child sexual abuse is well documented, but recent studies into the long-term, damaging effects on survivors are shining a light on the devastating consequences. Sharing images and videos online prolongs the suffering and victimisation of children, often into early adulthood.

“Nearly 70% of respondents indicated that they worry constantly about being recognized by someone who has seen images of their abuse. 30% reported being identified by a person who had viewed the child sexual abuse imagery.”

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

"My child sexual abuse imagery is out there for everyone to see, I will forever be taken advantage of. It’s not something that will ever go away."

Child sexual abuse survivor

“It’s as if I never have real freedom, never uninhibited, never without fear. […] If I’m somewhere and somebody looks at me, I’m always afraid that it’s because people know it, or recognize me.” 

Child sexual abuse survivor

Cyacomb is poised with technological solutions to make the online world a safer place. We have a social responsibility to find a solution to the problem. The Cyacomb Safety Whitepaper delves into this multi-faceted and complex challenge.

When we first started developing Cyacomb Safety for Encrypted Messaging, we set out to prove that a child’s right to online safety does not have to be at the expense of privacy.

By creating ground-breaking new technology and conducting detailed evaluation we have overcome the misconception that it is technically impossible

“Cyacomb has demonstrated that the detection and blocking of known child sexual abuse material in E2EE environments is no longer an engineering problem.” - Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

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