Cyacomb has launched a new podcast to tackle issues around reducing the impact of harmful content on the internet.

Hosted by CEO Ian Stevenson and with contributions from special guests, the podcast series will discuss the challenges of making the world a safer place and cover a range of issues in the online safety space – from technology and innovation to policy and digital forensics.

In the first episode, available now, Ian talks to Sir Mark Rowley, the former senior British police officer and now a globally recognised leadership expert in national security, policing, crisis management and transformation, about why the Police care what is shared online.

Ian said: “The new Cyacomb Podcast will explore how we can reduce the impact of harmful content on the internet, through online safety, digital forensics and bringing together technology, innovation and collaboration to make the world a safer place.

“Having someone of Sir Mark’s standing as our first guest is really exciting and I hope people enjoy our conversation, and those that will follow as our podcast series continues throughout the year.”

During the episode, titled, “Why do the Police care about what is shared online?”, Ian and Sir Mark discuss the challenges in patrolling the darker reaches of the internet and how best to protect the most vulnerable, particularly children, from harmful online content.

Sir Mark comments on the Cyacomb Podcast: “Corners of the technological ecosystem that have been created over the last couple of decades have ended up like a ‘Wild West’, where criminals, terrorists and paedophiles etc. are able to operate almost unchecked. Now we’re in a catch-up game and that’s the problem.”

You can listen to the full episode here: Cyacomb Podcast Episode 1 

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