Name: Graham Little

Job title: Head of Business Development

Q. How would you describe your role with Cyacomb?

My role has evolved a fair bit since the early days, but my core output remains the same: find people to sell our stuff to! Having been here the longest (beyond Ian and Bruce), I’d also like to think my 5+ years of Cyacomb experience helps the wider team understand direction of travel when our founders can’t be in the room.

Q. Tell us about your career journey that led you to Cyacomb 

I spent 10 years in the RAF as a failed pilot turned intelligence officer; a first career that taught me a lot about the world, and its inhabitants, at a relatively young age. I worked in all the usual places you’d expect (Afghanistan, Iraq, Cyprus, Lincolnshire) and some I certainly didn’t expect (Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Guam, Vegas, Malaysia, Israel, the Royal Household). Along the way, finding myself in some odd/weird/scary/fun/sublime situations which probably hasn’t done me any harm.

Q. What attracted you to join Cyacomb?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial itch I’ve wanted to scratch, so I left the RAF to find an interesting start-up, doing cool stuff, with potential to go big, where I could learn – in almost all respects, I feel incredibly lucky to have found exactly that with Cyacomb.

I found Cyacomb whilst scouring Codebase for ‘the next Skyscanner’ and noticed the letters ‘CT’ in its description. I was involved in Counter Terrorism operations in my final role in the RAF, so I invited (myself to meet) Ian for a coffee to find out more and he hasn’t been able to get rid of me since.

Q. What aspects of your job and working for Cyacomb do you enjoy the most?

I get a real kick out of building relationships from zero, towards a customer partnership where they are excited about our tools and genuinely enjoy working with us. I absolutely love being part of an exciting company and how we are growing things from the ground up. I am (sometimes embarrassingly) passionate about who we are, what we’ve built, and where we are going. I’m also in awe of the talent we have at Cyacomb.

Q. Do you have any goals or targets in mind for the future with Cyacomb?

I want to see Cyacomb tools being ubiquitous with CSAM and CT investigations. I also won’t rest until there’s a US National Contraband Filter.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone starting out in your line of work?

Work hard and be honest, hungry and humble. Support others around you as much as you can, embrace opportunities that come your way; and try to make good things happen.

Q. If you could instantly have one new skill or talent, what would it be?

I wish I had more of an innate knowledge/experience in digital forensics, law enforcement and business. 10 years in the military gives you a decent grounding and good ‘generalist’ skillset, but I envy those in our team who have more specific, real world experience in those areas. But I’m also pretty shameless when it comes to begging/borrowing/stealing their experience. You know who you are!

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time away from work?

I’m a big fan of travelling, ski-ing, motorbikes, rugby, Tottenham Hotspur and drinking milky tea.

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