The number of people crossing international borders increases year on year. Organised crime will continue to exploit vulnerable migrants seeking a safer life and as such the number of people will continue to increase and put Border Forces under greater pressure. Whilst the vast majority of those seeking refuge are genuine asylum seekers these routes are also being exploited by those with criminal intent. The ability to hide within a crowd is an attractive proposition for criminals.   

Quickly identifying offenders, terrorist threats and illicit items is critical to protecting our borders. The most significant barriers to this identification are time and ease of use. Make the process too complicated and officers are reluctant to deploy such tactics.  

Cyacomb Forensics provides a range of tools that will allow rapid triage of the digital devices migrants possess when they attempt entry. The tools can detect digital contraband in seconds rather than hours which is the case for traditional digital triage methodology. Cyacomb Forensics’ technology is simple to use making it accessible to ALL officers. We have adopted a straightforward plug and play approach. Simply plug the Cyacomb dongle into the suspect device and press start. For mobile devices, these are plugged into our handset and the device can be scanned directly.  

Cyacomb’s technology is currently deployed at prominent airports and ports in England. 

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